Thermo Scientific™ portable analyzers are rugged, handheld spectrometers designed for rapid and precise material verification, chemical identification, and target screening directly at the point of need. Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ analyzers are the world’s leading portable x-ray fluorescence (XRF) instruments, providing instant elemental analysis in the metals, mining, consumer safety, and environmental markets. Since we introduced the first handheld XRF analyzer in 1994, many other “firsts” have followed, including:

  • First use of miniaturized x-ray tubes in one-piece handheld analyzers
  • First and only isotope-based handheld XRF analyzer that never requires source replacement—the XL3p+
  • First handheld analyzers equipped with an He purge for direct analysis of Mg, Al, Si, P, and S in metal alloys
  • First handheld small-spot XRF analyzers
  • First and only handheld XRF analyzer to feature a 50kV x-ray tube— the XL3t GOLDD+
  • First analyzers equipped with geometrically optimized large area drift detectors (GOLDD)

Niton XL2 analyzers from Thermo Scientific provide you with many distinct advantages:

  • Precise elemental analysis of alloy materials
  • From turn on to trigger pull to near instantaneous results
  • Very easy to use – even by non-technical personnel
  • Rugged design for the most challenging industrial environments
  • Completely non-destructive test