Nano-mechanical Tester

Innovative, versatile nanoindenters and nanomechanical test instrumentation backed by great expertise and support.

NanoTest Vantage

The NanoTest Vantage system offers a complete range of nanomechanical and nanotribological tests in one flexible and user friendly instrument

With just one test platform a range of mechanical properties can be investigated, allowing a complete picture of material performance to be assembled.

  • Nanoindentation (both quasi-static and dynamic)
  • Nano-impact and fatigue
  • Nano-scratch and wear
  • Nano-fretting
  • High temperature nanoindentation, nanoscratch and nanoimpact to 850 ºC
  • Low temperature nanoindentation and nanoscratch to -20 ºC
  • With sample and probe immersed in liquids
  • In reduced oxygen/ purged conditions
  • Under controlled humidity levels

Nano Test Xtreme

Researchers are increasingly demanding that test conditions closely mimic real-world environments in order to provide the most reliable, accurate prediction of properties. With the NanoTest Vantage, Micro Materials already offers the most comprehensive range of nano-mechanical test options. These are now further extended with the NanoTest Xtreme, which provides a vacuum environment testing from -100 to 1000 ºC without oxidation or frosting of samples.

  • Extended high temperature capabilities beyond the 850 °C provided by the NanoTest Vantage
  • Enhanced low temperature capability to below -100 °C without frosting of samples
  • Ultra-low thermal drift due to same construction principles as those used on the proven NanoTest Vantage
  • Complete range of nano-mechanical tests remain available, including indentation, scratch, wear, friction and high-load impact
  • Ability to backfill with gas to match material operating environments

Key Xtreme Features

  • 10-5 mbar vacuum
  • Backfill to test in alternative low oxygen environments
  • 10 µN – 500 mN load range
  • High temperature stage combined with the Cryo stage give a test temperature range from -100 to 1000 ºC
  • Compatible with all standard NanoTest techniques:
    • Nanoindentation
    • Nano-scratch and wear
    • Nano-impact
    • Nano-fretting
  • The Xtreme is fitted with a high resolution optical microscope as standard. This can be augmented with the 3D profiling stage.

X-ray Radioscopy Inspection Systems

XSCAN-7600, 8000 Series includes optimized high performance and super precision Die-casting exclusive X Ray Inspection system to optimize the applicable product size. Furthermore, it has secured the best safety in the business.

  • Medium and Large Size & High Density Die-casting, Casting Products.
  • Automotive components, Aircraft Related Parts Pipe & Tube Welding Parts Inspection, and so on.

Testing Building Materials